Michael Jones is a native of Ottawa, Kansas (about 60 miles South-West of Kansas City.  Born in the early 70’s he lived most of his life without traveling far from home.

When Gary Hart (Democrat that ran for President in 1988 and alumni of Ottawa High School) visited his high school in 1987, it established a foundation that over the coming years would turn Michael into a life-long Republican.

In February 2004, Michael moved to Houston, Texas, just weeks after Bill White became Mayor of Houston.  He has watched as unusual programs and policies were created that failed to pass common sense.

In November 2011, a new job led him to move from Houston to Frisco, Texas, a city on the northern edge of the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area.  He hopes to bring forth some local content as he settles into the area.

A self-professed computer geek, when Michael’s not working in his telecommunications job, he enjoys Model Railroading and Paintball.

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