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Michael Jones is the founder of On The Spot Communications and On The Spot Blog. A native of Ottawa, Kansas (approximately 60 miles South-West of Kansas City), he was born in the early 70's and lived most of his early life without traveling far from home. He has since lived in Lenexa, Kansas (suburb of Kansas City), Houston, Texas, and now resides in Frisco, Texas (north of Dallas, Texas). He has had the experience of traveling to Tokyo, Japan and Tel Aviv, Israel, as well as numerous places around the USA. A self-professed computer geek, when Michael's not working in his telecommunications job, he enjoys Model Railroading and Paintball. Michael Jones is the founder of On The Spot Communications and On The Spot Blog. More about Michael » Follow Michael:

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Apr 21

The case for Voter ID

Texas Driver's License, Voter Registration Card and a "Vote" Button

Author’s note – I apologize for not posting in an extended period of time.  I’ve had a lot of things on my mind as of late, most of which I can’t discuss here.  I hope to get back to regular postings soon. In 2011, the Texas Legislature drafted, like many other states, a law that requires presenting …

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Mar 24

Phone company sued over deleted Voice Mail

Voice Mail button on phone

When does a phone company have the right to delete a voice mail? That is the question being asked by a grieving family member in Washington state.  According to the news reports, a family is suing T-Mobile for just such a thing. Faron Butler lost his 14-year-old daughter, Rhema, to cancer in June 2011.  About a week before …

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Mar 16

What if Obamacare really was like auto insurance?

So there’s been a lot of talk about the “Individual Mandate” of Obamacare.  I think the following video helps to put the truth in a perspective that we can understand.

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Mar 01

Andrew Breitbart (1969-2012)


I woke to the news this morning that Andrew Breitbart, conservative new media mogul died overnight. After spending time working for Matt Drudge and Arianna Huffington, Andrew created and launched his own array of media websites, Breitbart.com, Breitbart.TV, Big Government, Big Hollywood, Big Journalism and Big Peace.

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Feb 27

Make Mine Freedom

In the late 1940’s, the United States was watching the developing threat of the Soviet Union, Communism, and ultimately, the Cold War. It was no surprise, then, that the movie theaters of the day would run Pro-America/Pro-Capitalism “Propaganda” to remind citizens that our way of life is under attack. Harding College stepped forward with one …

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Feb 22

Birth of a Founding Father

George Washington - 1782

The first President of the United States, George Washington was born 280 years ago today, February 22, 1732. Had it not been for his courage, the United States might have not been what it is today.  In addition to his eight years as President, he was a surveyor, a decorated military officer, and a farmer.

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Feb 19

Time for the Super Bowl Halftime show to be “Weird”?

SuperBowl 46 Logo

 After being less than impressed with the performance by Madonna, and aggravated by the antics of M.I.A., not to mention the Patriots loss to the Giants, I thought about what the NFL needs to do to make the Super Bowl truly entertaining again. Of course the stupidity reached a peak during the years that NFL worked …

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Feb 08

Houston’s Red Light Cameras run out of film, meanwhile…

I received word this afternoon that Houston’s City Council passed a settlement agreement with American Traffic Solutions to end the red light camera program. The city has been mired in a court battle for more than a year about a charter amendment passed in November 2010 mandating the city end the program. The battle was over …

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Feb 05

Super Bowl Security?

Superbowl XLVI Helmets

Today’s the day; The New England Patriots take on the New York Giants in Super Bowl 46. In an event that has become an annual spectacle for many years, all eyes will be on which team takes home the coveted Vince Lombardi trophy right? Or maybe it is to see what other celebrities will be there …

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Feb 03

Just how bad is our Education System?

IMDb page about the movie

I heard the audio of this earlier today, and it goes to prove exactly what is wrong with education today: This brings the key question, why can’t these students answer the questions correctly?

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