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Aug 11

Can AT&T really be this broken?

AT&T MicroCell

Can a company like AT&T really fail in this many ways for one customer on one product? When I first moved to Frisco in 2011, I decidedĀ to get Internet and Cable TV services, along with home phone service from (then) Time Warner Cable. It served me well until the Charter/Spectrum acquisition, when my rates jumped …

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Feb 08

Houston’s Red Light Cameras run out of film, meanwhile…

I received word this afternoon that Houston’s City Council passed a settlement agreement with American Traffic Solutions to end the red light camera program. The city has been miredĀ in a court battle for more than a year about a charter amendment passed in November 2010 mandating the city end the program. The battle was over …

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Dec 31

So Long 2011 – Welcome 2012


As we pop the cork to celebrate the new year, it’s time to reflect back on the past year, and the year to come. 2011 started off with the Republicans taking control of the House of Representatives. Unfortunately, with Campaigner-in-Chief Obama’s political grandstanding, along with the Democrat controlled Senate, gridlock was the order of business …

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