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Life happens…

[Author’s note, I started writing this in October 2014, but like everything else, life got in the way. I am posting it now, with revisions, as I really do want to start posting here more often]

Happy Independence Day!

In December 2012, I set out on a plan to start posting here more frequently. But as is typical with life outside of cyberspace, life got in the way.

Phyllis and Wayne Jones

Phyllis and Wayne Jones

Work sent me off to Orlando, Florida and Las Vegas, Nevada for a week each in 2013.

My mom, Phyllis Jones, began a steady decline in her health, culminating with her passing in January 2014. I spent many weeks in my hometown in Kansas spending time with her over the year, and was there when she passed at a Kansas City Hospice.

Weeks later I lost a good friend and mentor, my boss of seven years in Houston.

Work assigned me to work on new business, which pushed my days longer, and after spending days writing for work, I really didn’t want to spend my nights writing.

Things finally calmed down after that, which began the movement towards my 2014 attempt to restart this blog.

I set down to start writing a series of posts, only to get word that my sister had a heart attack. God and her Guardian Angel were watching over her, as my niece was there and could drive her to the hospital. She is now recovering, and regaining her strength every day. This further kept my mind from focusing on writing.

Meanwhile on the home front, I knew I needed to start getting more exercise, since I spend my days sitting behind this desk – either on the work computer, or on the home computer. I knew that the road my sister experienced in the last few weeks would likely be my demise. I took up bicycling, after a 10 year break due to lack of good areas to safely ride in my Houston neighborhood, and a fractured elbow later I am back to as close to normal as one can be.

Enjoying the day at Mercury One Charity's "Gods, Guns and Giving" event in 2013. (Photo courtesy The Real Mrs. Jeffy)

Enjoying the day at Mercury One Charity’s “Gods, Guns and Giving” event in 2013. (Photo courtesy The Real Mrs. Jeffy)

A charity that I have supported for the last few years called for volunteers for an annual fund-raiser, and I was more than willing to step up to help. I was able to volunteer at the 2014 version of the event, and was able to volunteer (and spending most of a week’s vacation to do so) again.

In 2015, business started picking up, between that and other projects kept me away from posting here. Finally after a failed project with a client (not my fault, but the fault of the client), I was laid off at the end of April 2016.

That has given me plenty of time to work on projects of my own along looking for work, one of which is to reorganize how this website and other sites that I manage (12 of them!). As I post this, I have just completed migrating this blog to a new configuration, one that will be more efficient in the long run for all of my websites.

I have a couple of upcoming posts, and drafts of several others that I will likely finish and begin posting soon.

So life goes on, and now, so must this blog.

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