Oct 03

“One Nation” was not indivisable with liberty and justice for all

I did not have the opportunity to view the “One Nation” rally yesterday.  As I had commented over on Big Government, I suspected that we the taxpayers were going to be stuck with the overall costs of this event.

It appears that I was right.  Unlike the “Restoring Honor” rally on August 28th, this rally spewed hate, as well as a communist/socialist agenda.  Crowd estimates appear to be in the 175,000 range, well below what “Restoring Honor” brought in (estimates of 350,000).

Most of those in attendance were Union members, some forced to attend by Union mandates.  Most of the funds for the event were donated by Unions.

The mall was filled with tables handing out and selling merchandise related to the opinions of the event, and after the event the mall looked like a garbage dump.  Quite the contrast to “Restoring Honor”, where there was no vendors, handouts or flyers, and all of the trash was collected and left in bags beside the walkways – some say leaving the mall in better condition than before the rally.

There is plenty more to read about it, so I’m not going to rehash what’s in the Blogosphere today.  Here’s some links:

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