Jul 08

Police lives DO matter

It is troubling to have followed the reports last night of the “ambush” style attack on the Dallas, Texas Police Department and the Dallas Area Rapid Transit (“DART”) Police Department.

Dallas Police Badge/Wrapped in Black BandFirst and foremost, my thoughts and prayers go out to the officers of both agencies and their families.

This senseless actions of these few at what was a “peaceful” Black Lives Matter march in Downtown Dallas leave a stain on our community and our country that will just make healing much harder.

Now is the time to investigate, not blame irrelevant factors – No, Mr. President, this is not the time to bring up Gun Control. You have routinely turned your back on gang violence, and increasing black on black crime, never mind black on white crime, only to single out white on black crime. This is not the way to unite the country.

We must let the country grieve, and the investigators do their work and to tell us what happened. Once the facts are known, we can come up with real solutions on how to prevent this from happening again  (and oh, by the way Mr. President, gun control wouldn’t have addressed the fact that there were also explosives involved in this incident).

Meanwhile, if you would like to help the fallen officers families, a number of charities have established funds to aid them. Please consider donating to one. I support Mercury One, and their fund for the police department can  donated to at: Mercury One Blue Lives Matter Fund (Disclosure: Mercury One operates with a separate operations budget which is funded by an annual fund raiser event, and 100% of the dollars donated – minus credit card processing fees – will go to the intended cause).

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