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Jan 23

TSA picks the wrong person to harrass…

Rand Paul - Official Portrait

If I were a TSA agent, I would become very familiar with certain travelers coming through the checkpoint.  Obviously, this morning, they were not quite awake at the airport in Nashville, and the wrong person was “randomly” selected for a pat down screening. That person was Rand Paul, the Republican Senator from Kentucky.  As he passed through one of …

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May 27

TSA smackdown of the Texas State Senate

Transportation Security Officers

As the state legislative session began winding down last week, I started following certain bills of interest, including HB 1937, which, as I discussed before, would prohibit the TSA from touching “private parts” during screening. Much to my surprise, the bill, which passed  unanimously out of the House, was withdrawn before being brought to the vote Tuesday.  With …

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May 21

Video: Do the TSA Pokey Pokey

From our friends over at Reason.tv and Remy: I have to travel soon, and hope I don’t get the TSA Pokey Pokey…  

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Apr 29

Texas to reign in the TSA???

Susie Castillo's TSA Complaint (Click to Enlarge)

Earlier this week, 2003 Miss USA winner Susie Castillo reported an incident involving TSA agents at Dallas-Fort Worth Airport.  She was “randomly” selected by screeners to go through one of the new body scanners, to which she promptly declined for alternate screening methods. Anyway, after “opting out,” I proceeded to follow a very nice older …

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Dec 15

Quick Video – TSA

I seem to get a lot of jokes, pictures and videos sent to me from friends, co-workers, and family. This one hit my inbox today, but looking it up on YouTube, it’s now nearing 2 Million hits. As we move into the well-traveled Christmas and New Years vacations next week, many more people will be flying, and …

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Nov 22

TSA: Time for the curtain to fall on “Security Theatre”

I travel quite a bit on business, and have been through more TSA checkpoints than I wish to count, including here in Houston at Bush Intercontinental Airport. I, like most of the traveling public has put up with the ever-expanding security as we travel, but it seems that the TSA has reached the proverbial tipping …

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