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Feb 08

Houston’s Red Light Cameras run out of film, meanwhile…

I received word this afternoon that Houston’s City Council passed a settlement agreement with American Traffic Solutions to end the red light camera program. The city has been mired in a court battle for more than a year about a charter amendment passed in November 2010 mandating the city end the program. The battle was over …

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Aug 16

Red Light Cameras: Ok, we’re shutting them off again…

Update 2: (August 19th, 11pm): As expected, Council Member Lovell blocked the repeal bill from being voted on.  Since the procedural delay is a one-time option, both items will face a vote on Wednesday. Update (August 17th, 7pm): Council Member Sue Lovell used a procedural maneuver to delay the vote on shutting the cameras off.  It is expected she …

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Jul 07

Mayor Parker to voters: cameras back on, despite vote

Metro Bus runs a red light

Much as I predicted previously, the mayor has decided to ignore the voters and allow American Traffic Solutions (ATS) to turn the red light cameras back on. This comes despite the fact that the voters clearly said in November 2010 that they wanted the cameras turned off.  Of course, ATS took days to do so, …

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Jun 18

Houston’s Red Light Cameras to start clicking again?

Warning Sign for a Red Light Camera

As one of the frequent topics I discuss on this blog, I am not a fan of red light cameras. Continuing from the story I posted last month, American Traffic Solutions or ATS, filed a federal lawsuit over the charter amendment in the 2010 election that the voters told the city to shut the cameras off. The …

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Mar 13

Archstone Memorial Heights vs. The City of Houston

Editor's Note: This is the second of three parts outlining the beginning of the redevelopment of the Archstone Memorial Heights Apartment Complex, the first part is posted here, and the final part will be posted in the near future. At the May 30, 2007 city council meeting, a request to abandon three fire hydrant easements …

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Mar 04

Somebody Tell the Cops to Stop Watching 'Inspector Gadget'

Isiah Carey at FOX 26 tonight gives us the Insite on a report that the Houston Police Department is wanting to invest in handheld metal detectors and bulletproof partitions for patrol cars. In my line of work (Information Technology), I frequently get requests from someone who wants technology to do a 'big-brother' type control over an …

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Nov 29

Solicitation in Public Right of Way

According to KHOU, The City of Houston has started to pursuit a change in city ordinances that prevents any minor under the age of 16 from being able to solicit on public right of way.  Councilmember Michael Berry also solicited input from my friends over at BlogHouston to find a way to look at the bigger problem; homeless …

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