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Jul 05

Article V Proposal: Investigations

Today I’m outlining the first of two proposals I have for the Convention of States to Amend the Constitution. Originally, I intended this was supposed to be presented as the second, but in light of the announcement today by the FBI of a recommendation of no charges for the clear violation of the law by Hillary Clinton, …

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Dec 19

Do unto others…

I want to begin this post by extending condolences to all the families affected by the incidents I am writing about. In the wake of the incidents in Newtown, Connecticut and the mall in Clackamas, Oregon last week, there are many pundits calling for stronger gun laws. The fact is, the laws already in place were …

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Jul 04

Let freedom ring!

It was on this day 236 years ago, that 56 brave men gathered in the Pennsylvania State House (now called Independence Hall) in Philadelphia to sign a declaration that the 13 colonies were no longer under British rule. It took 7 years and many thousands lives lost to be victorious over the monarchy. “The Star …

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Apr 21

The case for Voter ID

Texas Driver's License, Voter Registration Card and a "Vote" Button

Author’s note – I apologize for not posting in an extended period of time.  I’ve had a lot of things on my mind as of late, most of which I can’t discuss here.  I hope to get back to regular postings soon. In 2011, the Texas Legislature drafted, like many other states, a law that requires presenting …

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Feb 22

Birth of a Founding Father

George Washington - 1782

The first President of the United States, George Washington was born 280 years ago today, February 22, 1732. Had it not been for his courage, the United States might have not been what it is today.  In addition to his eight years as President, he was a surveyor, a decorated military officer, and a farmer.

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May 27

TSA smackdown of the Texas State Senate

Transportation Security Officers

As the state legislative session began winding down last week, I started following certain bills of interest, including HB 1937, which, as I discussed before, would prohibit the TSA from touching “private parts” during screening. Much to my surprise, the bill, which passed  unanimously out of the House, was withdrawn before being brought to the vote Tuesday.  With …

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Nov 03

2010 Election: Red Light Cameras to go Dark?

A personal hot-button issue that I have championed against may finally be getting the plug pulled. Red Light Cameras came to Houston under former Mayor Bill White.  They have been controversial since their installation, including comments on this blog back in 2007. Today, the voters in the city decided by 52.8% to shut the cameras down. …

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Nov 02

Today’s Election Day: Get out there and VOTE!

With the ratification of the US Constitution in 1787, the framers set a course of a then unheard of form of Government, a Republic. Under that Republic, it is up to the people to select Representitives (and later by the 17th Amendment, Senators) to represent our interests on a National level. Today represents the one …

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Jul 18

Congress Shall Make No Law…

From the fine folks over at Big Government I got word today of a new blog. Congress Shall Make No Law is brought to you by the Institute for Justice and is covering issues surrounding free speech. Remember the First Amendment to the Constitution reads: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, …

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