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Nov 03

2010 Election: Red Light Cameras to go Dark?

A personal hot-button issue that I have championed against may finally be getting the plug pulled. Red Light Cameras came to Houston under former Mayor Bill White.  They have been controversial since their installation, including comments on this blog back in 2007. Today, the voters in the city decided by 52.8% to shut the cameras down. …

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Nov 02

Today’s Election Day: Get out there and VOTE!

With the ratification of the US Constitution in 1787, the framers set a course of a then unheard of form of Government, a Republic. Under that Republic, it is up to the people to select Representitives (and later by the 17th Amendment, Senators) to represent our interests on a National level. Today represents the one …

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Oct 24

“Queen Sheila” On The Campaign

Sheila Jackson Lee is once again making the wrong kind of headlines. Late yesterday, it was reported over at Big Government that she was electioneering within the 100 foot boundries of a polling place: Of course, The liberal media at the local news stations or the Comical will not go near damaging the credibility of their …

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Oct 18

Countdown to the Election

Today marked the beginning of early voting here in Texas.  I took advantage this year, particularly in light of the warehouse fire that destroyed most of the voting equipment here in Harris County. My location of choice was the Metropolitan Multi-Service Center on West Gray: Being this was the first day, and it was after …

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Sep 04

59 Days to Election Day: An Electoral Katrina Coming?

I admit, I’ve not been a big follower of politics until recently.  Since the 2008 election, my interests in what has been guiding our country the wrong way has only intensified. Admittedly, a employer mandated 5% pay cut in the spring of 2009 didn’t help my spirits any, nor watching close co-workers get sidelined to meet …

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Jul 17

Is Sheila Jackson Lee this out of touch???

As if there’s not enough other reasons for Sheila Jackson Lee to be voted out of office, we can add this one:

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