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Aug 20

Taking the fight back to Rachel at Cardholder Services

Anyone whom has read this blog for some time knows that I have no love for the Robocalls from “Rachel at Cardholder Services” and similar ilk. Since I wrote the series on “Rachel” four years ago, some of the sources of calls faced charges by state Attorney Generals, and the resulting judgement against each was in the …

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Jan 07

Could Rachel at Cardholder Services game be over?

Open Casket with Hand holding Phone

It was one year ago today that I first blogged about “Rachel at Cardholder Services.” Little did I know that single post would morph into seven posts including today’s. As a professional in the telecommunications world, I had become acutely aware of Rachel based on the number of complaints I was getting from my clients. I …

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Aug 02

On The Spot Blog stirs up Rachel at Cardholder Services

Overflowing Mailbox

Author’s Note: If you’re finding this site after reading about “Rachel at Cardholder Services” on NBCNews.com, welcome! To see all the stories about “Rachel”, please click here… When I started writing what became the “Rachel” series back in May, I thought I could take some newly discovered data and create a posting or two. Little did I know as I got …

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Jun 05

The end of Rachel at Cardholder Services’ road?


Editor’s note: This is the last of four parts about the annoying “Rachel” from Cardholder Services telemarketing calls. You can find part one here, part two here, and part three here. So, by now we have a good understanding about what I suspect makes “Rachel” work, the players behind her, and how to fight back, but the question remains, what is it …

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Jun 01

Fighting back against Rachel at Cardholder Services


Editor’s note: This is the third of four parts about the annoying “Rachel” from Cardholder Services telemarketing calls. To read part one, click here and part two here. So now there’s a better understanding of who the players are, and what it takes to make Rachel work, we can start to fight back against her annoying calls. What can we do? Before …

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May 24

The hunt for Rachel at Cardholder Services

Ernestine the operator (Lily Tomlin)

Editor’s note: This is the first of four parts about the annoying “Rachel” from Cardholder Services telemarketing calls. Back in January, I spotlighted the nightmare that is “Rachel”, and a court case to stop her. Little did I know, that I was only scratching the surface, and the facts in this case go much deeper. Since I wrote about it …

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Jan 07

Hi this is Rachel from Cardholder Services…

Phone Receiver

We’ve probably all got that call at some point over the last few years, telling us this is our final notice to lower our interest rates on our credit cards.  You promptly hit 2 to asking to be removed from the system, yet the calls keep coming. I got one such call this morning around 10am …

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