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Dec 24

Where celebrating the reason for the season is accepted

Every year I take time away from my work to travel and see family in my hometown of Ottawa, Kansas for Christmas. This year is no exception.   It is here where the downtown business district is all aglow with Christmas Lights, the mayor lights the Christmas Tree and we start every December with a …

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Jul 05

Independence Day

Happy 232nd Birthday America!  As I write this, I am recently back from the “Freedom over Texas” display in Downtown Houston.  While I’ve never attended the actual events at Eleanor Tinsley Park, I can take in the fireworks from a nearby venue that’s within walking distance of my apartment. This was the first time in …

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Feb 14

Jamming Houston Police

This week, a man was arrested on the charge of interfering with police communications here in Houston. As someone who spent seven years around the newspaper business, I spent time in the newsrooms of a couple of newspapers in Kansas. The one thing that was always present in those newsrooms was a police scanner, usually …

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Feb 07

Could The Wrecker Races Soon Be Over?

We’ve all seen them, along a freeway or on a street. Four or five tow trucks lined up to try and get a piece of the business at a scene of an accident. We’ve seen the drivers of those trucks snake their way down the emergency lane past the backed up traffic just to get …

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Feb 05

When is a funeral not a funeral?

Funny question to ask. It’s when people like a religious group from Topeka, Kansas (I know who they are, and I’m not going to add to their fodder with their name being searchable on Google to this site) can protest military funerals as a way of speaking out against abortion. I’m sorry, but the (Name …

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Mar 22

Who’s Mike Jones?

Ok, so there’s a rapper out there that has the same name as me.  He seasons his rhymes with his name. I used to be joked at when talking about football in High School, since there was a NFL player with the name Mike Jones as well. I laughed with co-workers who see my identification …

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Nov 27

Double Standard?

This morning, as I am preparing this site for launch, I read the news about the two trains of the 43-year-old Seattle Center Monorail sideswiping each other. The interesting part about this is, I’m reading the same story from the Associated Press newswire on chron.com, khou.com and abc13.com. The only Houston MSM site checked that …

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