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Jul 08

Police lives DO matter

It is troubling to have followed the reports last night of the “ambush” style attack on the Dallas, Texas Police Department and the Dallas Area Rapid Transit (“DART”) Police Department. First and foremost, my thoughts and prayers go out to the officers of both agencies and their families. This senseless actions of these few at …

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Aug 16

Red Light Cameras: Ok, we’re shutting them off again…

Update 2: (August 19th, 11pm): As expected, Council Member Lovell blocked the repeal bill from being voted on.  Since the procedural delay is a one-time option, both items will face a vote on Wednesday. Update (August 17th, 7pm): Council Member Sue Lovell used a procedural maneuver to delay the vote on shutting the cameras off.  It is expected she …

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Jul 07

Mayor Parker to voters: cameras back on, despite vote

Metro Bus runs a red light

Much as I predicted previously, the mayor has decided to ignore the voters and allow American Traffic Solutions (ATS) to turn the red light cameras back on. This comes despite the fact that the voters clearly said in November 2010 that they wanted the cameras turned off.  Of course, ATS took days to do so, …

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Jun 18

Houston’s Red Light Cameras to start clicking again?

Warning Sign for a Red Light Camera

As one of the frequent topics I discuss on this blog, I am not a fan of red light cameras. Continuing from the story I posted last month, American Traffic Solutions or ATS, filed a federal lawsuit over the charter amendment in the 2010 election that the voters told the city to shut the cameras off. The …

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Jul 05

Independence Day

Happy 232nd Birthday America!  As I write this, I am recently back from the “Freedom over Texas” display in Downtown Houston.  While I’ve never attended the actual events at Eleanor Tinsley Park, I can take in the fireworks from a nearby venue that’s within walking distance of my apartment. This was the first time in …

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Mar 04

Somebody Tell the Cops to Stop Watching 'Inspector Gadget'

Isiah Carey at FOX 26 tonight gives us the Insite on a report that the Houston Police Department is wanting to invest in handheld metal detectors and bulletproof partitions for patrol cars. In my line of work (Information Technology), I frequently get requests from someone who wants technology to do a 'big-brother' type control over an …

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Feb 14

Jamming Houston Police

This week, a man was arrested on the charge of interfering with police communications here in Houston. As someone who spent seven years around the newspaper business, I spent time in the newsrooms of a couple of newspapers in Kansas. The one thing that was always present in those newsrooms was a police scanner, usually …

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Feb 01

HPD Not As Shocking With Taser Training

I was reading the story about Pearland Police Officers receiving their Taser training when a important note about Houston’s Taser Training came to light: Being shocked is not required in every department. Houston Police Department officers do not get shocked during Taser training, but deputies with the Harris County Sheriff’s Department have the option during …

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Mar 11

It’s All About… Peace and Quiet

EDITOR’S NOTE: Beginning with this piece, I plan on writing several topics using the catch-line “It’s All About…” Hopefully, many of these will be timely (I’ve had three or four on my mind, but working on a presentation for my real job has precluded me from writing them), and I can post one a week, my …

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