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Feb 08

Houston’s Red Light Cameras run out of film, meanwhile…

I received word this afternoon that Houston’s City Council passed a settlement agreement with American Traffic Solutions to end the red light camera program. The city has been mired in a court battle for more than a year about a charter amendment passed in November 2010 mandating the city end the program. The battle was over …

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Dec 31

So Long 2011 – Welcome 2012


As we pop the cork to celebrate the new year, it’s time to reflect back on the past year, and the year to come. 2011 started off with the Republicans taking control of the House of Representatives. Unfortunately, with Campaigner-in-Chief Obama’s political grandstanding, along with the Democrat controlled Senate, gridlock was the order of business …

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Aug 16

Red Light Cameras: Ok, we’re shutting them off again…

Update 2: (August 19th, 11pm): As expected, Council Member Lovell blocked the repeal bill from being voted on.  Since the procedural delay is a one-time option, both items will face a vote on Wednesday. Update (August 17th, 7pm): Council Member Sue Lovell used a procedural maneuver to delay the vote on shutting the cameras off.  It is expected she …

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Jul 07

Mayor Parker to voters: cameras back on, despite vote

Metro Bus runs a red light

Much as I predicted previously, the mayor has decided to ignore the voters and allow American Traffic Solutions (ATS) to turn the red light cameras back on. This comes despite the fact that the voters clearly said in November 2010 that they wanted the cameras turned off.  Of course, ATS took days to do so, …

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Jun 18

Houston’s Red Light Cameras to start clicking again?

Warning Sign for a Red Light Camera

As one of the frequent topics I discuss on this blog, I am not a fan of red light cameras. Continuing from the story I posted last month, American Traffic Solutions or ATS, filed a federal lawsuit over the charter amendment in the 2010 election that the voters told the city to shut the cameras off. The …

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May 02

Red Light Cameras: The emotional and money trap

Red Light Camera Violations 2009-2011

As long time readers of my blog know, I am not a fan of Red Light Cameras or Speed Cameras.  That’s why I applauded the citizens of Houston when they passed a referendum last November, that effectively banned their use. Much as I predicted, the city’s vendor, ATS,  filed a lawsuit challenging the referendum and the legalities of …

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Nov 03

2010 Election: Red Light Cameras to go Dark?

A personal hot-button issue that I have championed against may finally be getting the plug pulled. Red Light Cameras came to Houston under former Mayor Bill White.  They have been controversial since their installation, including comments on this blog back in 2007. Today, the voters in the city decided by 52.8% to shut the cameras down. …

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Feb 19

Why They Want us to See Red (Light Cameras)

Alexis Grant over at the Chronicle's new City Hall Blog (A nice blog by the way) reported last week that The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) released a new report last week on the improvement of intersection safety with the installation of red light cameras. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety is an organization …

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Feb 16

Texas Legislature to Make Cameras see RED? (Continued)

As we come to mid-month, more news from Austin on all of the action to stop or slow the spread of the disease known as red light cameras. Two more bills have been filed, House Bill 1570, and Senate Bill 195. House Bill 1570 is identical to the previously discussed Senate Bill 125, requiring that …

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Feb 05

Would Houston Slow Down for Cameras?

Phoenix suburb Scottsdale, Arizona recently conducted a 9 month test of a "Photo Radar" system on loop 101 (Phoenix's version of 610).  The city has now passed a resolution to turn the cameras back on full time, considering the system a success. In the ZDNet and Arizona Republic stories, it says that the cameras activate when …

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