Feb 19

Time for the Super Bowl Halftime show to be “Weird”?

SuperBowl 46 Logo After being less than impressed with the performance by Madonna, and aggravated by the antics of M.I.A., not to mention the Patriots loss to the Giants, I thought about what the NFL needs to do to make the Super Bowl truly entertaining again.

Of course the stupidity reached a peak during the years that NFL worked with MTV to produce the halftime show.  Of course that ended with the 2004 “wardrobe malfunction”, bringing the NFL to return to live event producers instead of TV producers the next year.

This year, M.I.A.’s fleeting expletive and the displaying of “the finger” (which NBC’s censors were unable to blur out in time), shows that even the NFL is not perfect when it comes to producing a “family friendly” show.

I put this incident in the back of my mind until a story earlier today caught my attention.  The Super Bowl halftime shows at one time were a showcase of entertainment, typically around a theme, that could keep everyone interests, not just those of a select few.

The story I got today made a radical suggestion – ask comedy/parody genius and polka king, “Weird Al” Yankovic to do the halftime show.

"Weird Al" Yankovic

Think about it, the man would mock controversy, but would not create it himself.

I have never seen a live performance of his, other than on video, but from what others have said, it is a true fun entertaining time.

Add to that the return of a classic marching band and the audience will really enjoy the show.

I would definitely tune in.

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