Apr 14

TSA Does it again!

Less than a week after I first opined (and the TSA and family weighed in) on the TSA’s use of enhanced pat-down on a 6-year-old girl, new video has surfaced from Portland, Oregon, showing a similar incident with an 8-year-old boy.

Seattle’s KING-5 has the story (from YouTube, story not on KING-5 Website):

When does this insanity stop? The Federal Aviation Administration saw a director resign today over sleeping air traffic contollers. When is someone going to resign or be fired over this never-ending fiasco?

This Administration has taken what was already a bloated, out of control agency, and instead of putting on the brakes, has shifted the nightmare into overdrive. There seems to be no oversight at the agency, and initiatives that they were chartered with in 2001 have still not been implemented. At the same time, they continue to repeatedly violate civil liberties. If this was still the Bush Administration, or the McCain Administration, the ACLU would have taken the TSA to task last fall when the procedures were first implemented. Where is the ACLU now? Where is congressional oversight?

It’s time to reign in the Transportation Security Administration, along with the Department of Homeland Insecurity.

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