Sep 06

Unions: Have they outlasted their purpose?

Author’s Note: While not directly a member of a union, I am the son of a union Ironworker (Now Retired), and have many other friends and family members that are members of various unions.

Labor Day conjures up the last gasp of summer, and typically marks the beginning of the school year, along with the annual Muscular Dystrophy telethon.  But, unless you’re a historian, you may not be aware that Labor Day was created by Congress in 1894 at Union’s behest.

In honor of Labor Day, I started to write a piece on the labor unions, and the events that have weakened them.  While writing the piece, two stories came out that I believe do a better job than what I could have done with it.

Kyle Olson: Congress Should Abolish Labor Day

Linda Chavez: How Unions lost touch with workers

Now, go take a break, we’ve all deserved it.

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