Feb 05

When is a funeral not a funeral?

Funny question to ask.

It’s when people like a religious group from Topeka, Kansas (I know who they are, and I’m not going to add to their fodder with their name being searchable on Google to this site) can protest military funerals as a way of speaking out against abortion.

I’m sorry, but the (Name Removed) family and their band of followers should disappear; take their protests elsewhere – somewhere other than a church, funeral home or cemetery. Ideally it should never be visible or heard from a location where funeral services and graveside services are held. It also should not be seen anywhere along the route a grieving family will travel in a funeral procession.

Fortunately, the state legislature may be working on just a solution. I applaud legislator Geren for doubling the minimum set-backs for these kinds of protests.

UPDATE Feb. 8: State Senator Harris just introduced a duplicate bill in the senate.

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