Feb 05

Would Houston Slow Down for Cameras?

Phoenix suburb Scottsdale, Arizona recently conducted a 9 month test of a "Photo Radar" system on loop 101 (Phoenix's version of 610).  The city has now passed a resolution to turn the cameras back on full time, considering the system a success.

In the ZDNet and Arizona Republic stories, it says that the cameras activate when speed is 11 miles per hour over the speed limit. The Arizona Daily Star reports that the fight may not yet be over, not without a statewide ballot issue on the November 2008 ballot.

As most Houstonian's know, Police Chief Harold Hurtt still maintains a home in Phoenix, and travels there most weekends.  We know that Phoenix uses red light enforcement, much like what is now being deployed throughout Houston.

Could photo speed enforcement be the next cash cow the city of Houston tries to cash in on?  I suspect it will come up for discussion.

Would it make Houstonians slow down from the blazing fast speeds that we travel on area roads?

Or, will the state legislature put the brakes on another of the city's misdirected ideas before it takes off?

Only time will tell.

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