Jul 10

YouCut: You Can Make a Difference

Around Memorial Day, Congressman Eric Cantor (R-VA) along with several other Republican Members of Congress introduced a new program.  Under his Republican Whip website, this program, YouCut was launched. 

The concept is simple, take 5 ideas for cost savings and allow citizens to vote for the one they strongly believe should be cut.  Each week, a new set of five items would be presented, and the winning item from the previous week would be brought to the House floor for an up or down vote.


In the six weeks since the program’s launched, they have had over one million votes, and the 7th group of 5 items is currently on the website. 

Unfortunately, the Democrats in power have defeated each of the five items that have been brought for a vote.  While the chances of any of these items succeeding is slim, the fact that a recorded vote is happening on each will allow constituents from across the country to know how their Representatives are truly representing him.

With the Government drowning in debt, the only way out of this is to cut spending.  Raising taxes will continue to hurt those who will create the jobs, private businesses.  YouCut is a good start, and I applaud Congressman Cantor for being creative in using New Media to set the legislative agenda.

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