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Michael Jones is the founder of On The Spot Communications and On The Spot Blog. A native of Ottawa, Kansas (approximately 60 miles South-West of Kansas City), he was born in the early 70's and lived most of his early life without traveling far from home. He has since lived in Lenexa, Kansas (suburb of Kansas City), Houston, Texas, and now resides in Frisco, Texas (north of Dallas, Texas). He has had the experience of traveling to Tokyo, Japan and Tel Aviv, Israel, as well as numerous places around the USA. A self-professed computer geek, when Michael's not working in his telecommunications job, he enjoys Model Railroading and Paintball. Michael Jones is the founder of On The Spot Communications and On The Spot Blog. More about Michael » Follow Michael:

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Apr 23

The 2006 Energy Crisis – Short Term fixes

Editor’s note – this is the first of a multi-part series on the current energy crisis.  In coming weeks, I will take a look at the longer terms and what should be done. The American Economy is in crisis. Gasoline prices have increased by $0.42 nationally in the past month (March 23, 2006 – April 23, …

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Mar 22

Who’s Mike Jones?

Ok, so there’s a rapper out there that has the same name as me.  He seasons his rhymes with his name. I used to be joked at when talking about football in High School, since there was a NFL player with the name Mike Jones as well. I laughed with co-workers who see my identification …

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Mar 11

It’s All About… Peace and Quiet

EDITOR’S NOTE: Beginning with this piece, I plan on writing several topics using the catch-line “It’s All About…” Hopefully, many of these will be timely (I’ve had three or four on my mind, but working on a presentation for my real job has precluded me from writing them), and I can post one a week, my …

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Feb 19

Did KTRK Miss an "Extreme" Opportunity?

I just finished watching “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” redo the East Bernard home of the Kubena Family.  I have been a fan of the show since it’s inception three years ago, and seen many families lives touched by the program. Last year, the design team rolled into my birthplace, Kansas City, Missouri, and redid the …

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Nov 29

Solicitation in Public Right of Way

According to KHOU, The City of Houston has started to pursuit a change in city ordinances that prevents any minor under the age of 16 from being able to solicit on public right of way.  Councilmember Michael Berry also solicited input from my friends over at BlogHouston to find a way to look at the bigger problem; homeless …

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Nov 27

Double Standard?

This morning, as I am preparing this site for launch, I read the news about the two trains of the 43-year-old Seattle Center Monorail sideswiping each other. The interesting part about this is, I’m reading the same story from the Associated Press newswire on chron.com, khou.com and abc13.com. The only Houston MSM site checked that …

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Nov 27


Welcome to my little corner of the blogsphere. While I probably, under most circumstances, not be posting daily, I will be posting as I can find topics to post on. Stay Tuned, as I continue to refine the look of the site.

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