Jan 07

Hi this is Rachel from Cardholder Services…

We’ve probably all got that call at some point over the last few years, telling us this is our final notice to lower our interest rates on our credit cards.  You promptly hit 2 to asking to be removed from the system, yet the calls keep coming.

Phone ReceiverI got one such call this morning around 10am on my cell phone.  The caller ID said 303-217-1074, and not knowing if it was work related, I answered the call.  Again, that familiar speech began, to which I promptly hung up the phone.

After going to great lengths to put both my home and cell numbers on the National and Texas State Do Not Call lists, it doesn’t seem to stop “Rachel”.  I also try to file a report each time she calls to the government, but those reports has not really resulted in any action.

But, that’s about to change.  In the days leading up to the holidays last month, the Federal Trade Commission issued a press release about taking action against “Cardholder Services” trying to stop “Rachel” once and for all.

In the complaint, filed December 12, 2011 by the Department of Justice on behalf of the FTC, Roy M. Cox, Jr. of California, along with Castle Rock Capital Management, Inc., and several foreign companies that he is a principal owner of, accusing them of multiple violations of the Telemarketing Sales Rule.

The complaint goes on to ask the court issue an injunction barring further activities by the defendants until this matter can be settled by the court, and if the DOJ is successful in the case, permanently barring them.

While this may stop “Rachel” for the short-term, what is to prevent the other owners from just creating new companies, and starting up again?

For one, the DOJ is also asking for financial compensation for the costs associated with this case, along with further penalties.  If the court grants the requests, hopefully the only option Cox and the other owners will have is bankruptcy and liquidation, leaving them with no money (and no equipment) to start again.

I for one will celebrate the day when “Rachel” retires, and I can safely answer my phone again.

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