Feb 14


When I envisioned this blog ten months ago, I thought it would be a good sounding board for me to vent issues and ideas. Then I got sidetracked by other things in my life and everything stopped in my corner of the Blogosphere.

I decided recently it was time to return, and over the last couple of weeks I have held my own, although time still doesn’t permit me to write a nightly post.

Depending on the availability of source material to discuss, I will try and post here as often as I can. I know that several of my posts lately have been on issues being discussed in the Texas state legislature, and I assure you that is not going to be the only thing I post about. The current legislative session has just provided a rich source of source material for me to rant about.

First and foremost, blogging will probably stop when I travel, or I have other events that require my attention. My real life away from the computers has to come first. Not to fear, I was gone out of the country for a couple of weeks in January, and my current schedule is looking like the end of March for the next trip (although in my line of work at my real job, that can change at a moment’s notice).

So, onward and upward… Keep reading, keep commenting, and I’ll keep posting.

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